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* Public functions OpenIntuition() and Intuition() are intentionally
* not documented.
-$1e OpenIntuition
-$24 Intuition
-$2a AddGadget
-$30 ClearDMRequest
-$36 ClearMenuStrip
-$3c ClearPointer
-$42 CloseScreen
-$48 CloseWindow
-$4e CloseWorkBench
-$54 CurrentTime
-$5a DisplayAlert
-$60 DisplayBeep
-$66 DoubleClick
-$6c DrawBorder
-$72 DrawImage
-$78 EndRequest
-$7e GetDefPrefs
-$84 GetPrefs
-$8a InitRequester
-$90 ItemAddress
-$96 ModifyIDCMP
-$9c ModifyProp
-$a2 MoveScreen
-$a8 MoveWindow
-$ae OffGadget
-$b4 OffMenu
-$ba OnGadget
-$c0 OnMenu
-$c6 OpenScreen
-$cc OpenWindow
-$d2 OpenWorkBench
-$d8 PrintIText
-$de RefreshGadgets
-$e4 RemoveGadget
* The official calling sequence for ReportMouse is given below.
* Note the register order. For the complete story, read the ReportMouse
* autodoc.
-$ea ReportMouse
-$f0 Request
-$f6 ScreenToBack
-$fc ScreenToFront
-$102 SetDMRequest
-$108 SetMenuStrip
-$10e SetPointer
-$114 SetWindowTitles
-$11a ShowTitle
-$120 SizeWindow
-$126 ViewAddress
-$12c ViewPortAddress
-$132 WindowToBack
-$138 WindowToFront
-$13e WindowLimits
*--- start of next generation of names -------------------------------------
-$144 SetPrefs
*--- start of next next generation of names --------------------------------
-$14a IntuiTextLength
-$150 WBenchToBack
-$156 WBenchToFront
*--- start of next next next generation of names ---------------------------
-$15c AutoRequest
-$162 BeginRefresh
-$168 BuildSysRequest
-$16e EndRefresh
-$174 FreeSysRequest
* The return codes for MakeScreen(), RemakeDisplay(), and RethinkDisplay()
* are only valid under V39 and greater. Do not examine them when running
* on pre-V39 systems!
-$17a MakeScreen
-$180 RemakeDisplay
-$186 RethinkDisplay
*--- start of next next next next generation of names ----------------------
-$18c AllocRemember
-$192 intuitionPrivate1
-$198 FreeRemember
*--- start of 15 Nov 85 names ------------------------
-$19e LockIBase
-$1a4 UnlockIBase
*--- functions in V33 or higher (Release 1.2) ---
-$1aa GetScreenData
-$1b0 RefreshGList
-$1b6 AddGList
-$1bc RemoveGList
-$1c2 ActivateWindow
-$1c8 RefreshWindowFrame
-$1ce ActivateGadget
-$1d4 NewModifyProp
*--- functions in V36 or higher (Release 2.0) ---
-$1da QueryOverscan
-$1e0 MoveWindowInFrontOf
-$1e6 ChangeWindowBox
-$1ec SetEditHook
-$1f2 SetMouseQueue
-$1f8 ZipWindow
*--- public screens ---
-$1fe LockPubScreen
-$204 UnlockPubScreen
-$20a LockPubScreenList
-$210 UnlockPubScreenList
-$216 NextPubScreen
-$21c SetDefaultPubScreen
-$222 SetPubScreenModes
-$228 PubScreenStatus
-$22e ObtainGIRPort
-$234 ReleaseGIRPort
-$23a GadgetMouse
-$240 intuitionPrivate2
-$246 GetDefaultPubScreen
-$24c EasyRequestArgs
-$252 BuildEasyRequestArgs
-$258 SysReqHandler
-$25e OpenWindowTagList
-$264 OpenScreenTagList
* new Image functions
-$26a DrawImageState
-$270 PointInImage
-$276 EraseImage
-$27c NewObjectA
-$282 DisposeObject
-$288 SetAttrsA
-$28e GetAttr
* special set attribute call for gadgets
-$294 SetGadgetAttrsA
* for class implementors only
-$29a NextObject
-$2a0 intuitionPrivate3
-$2a6 MakeClass
-$2ac AddClass
-$2b2 GetScreenDrawInfo
-$2b8 FreeScreenDrawInfo
-$2be ResetMenuStrip
-$2c4 RemoveClass
-$2ca FreeClass
-$2d0 intuitionPrivate4
-$2d6 intuitionPrivate5
*--- (6 function slots reserved here) ---
*--- functions in V39 or higher (Release 3) ---
-$300 AllocScreenBuffer
-$306 FreeScreenBuffer
-$30c ChangeScreenBuffer
-$312 ScreenDepth
-$318 ScreenPosition
-$31e ScrollWindowRaster
-$324 LendMenus
-$32a DoGadgetMethodA
-$330 SetWindowPointerA
-$336 TimedDisplayAlert
-$33c HelpControl


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