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#ifndef	EXEC_TYPES_H
#define	EXEC_TYPES_H
**	$Id: types.h,v 45.2 2001/03/12 17:51:53 heinz Exp $
**	Data typing.  Must be included before any other Amiga include.
**	(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Amiga, Inc.
**	    All Rights Reserved

#define INCLUDE_VERSION	45 /* Version of the include files in use. (Do not
			      use this label for OpenLibrary() calls!) */

#define GLOBAL  extern      /* the declaratory use of an external */
#define IMPORT  extern      /* reference to an external */
#define STATIC  static      /* a local static variable */
#define REGISTER register   /* a (hopefully) register variable */

#ifndef VOID
#define VOID            void

/* General const support */
#ifndef CONST
#if __STDC__
#define CONST           const
#define CONST

#ifndef VOLATILE
#if __STDC__
#define VOLATILE        volatile
#define VOLATILE

  /*  WARNING: APTR was redefined for the V36 Includes!  APTR is a   */
 /*  32-Bit Absolute Memory Pointer.  C pointer math will not       */
/*  operate on APTR --  use "ULONG *" instead.                     */
typedef void	       *APTR;	    /* 32-bit untyped pointer */
typedef long            LONG;       /* signed 32-bit quantity */
typedef unsigned long   ULONG;      /* unsigned 32-bit quantity */
typedef unsigned long   LONGBITS;   /* 32 bits manipulated individually */
typedef short           WORD;       /* signed 16-bit quantity */
typedef unsigned short  UWORD;      /* unsigned 16-bit quantity */
typedef unsigned short  WORDBITS;   /* 16 bits manipulated individually */
#if __STDC__
typedef signed char	BYTE;	    /* signed 8-bit quantity */
typedef char		BYTE;	    /* signed 8-bit quantity */
typedef unsigned char   UBYTE;      /* unsigned 8-bit quantity */
typedef unsigned char   BYTEBITS;   /* 8 bits manipulated individually */
typedef unsigned short	RPTR;	    /* signed relative pointer */

#ifdef __cplusplus
typedef char           *STRPTR;     /* string pointer (NULL terminated) */
typedef unsigned char  *STRPTR;     /* string pointer (NULL terminated) */

/* const support for pointer types */
typedef CONST void     *CONST_APTR;     /* 32-bit untyped const pointer */
#ifdef __cplusplus
typedef CONST char           *CONST_STRPTR; /* STRPTR to const data */
typedef CONST unsigned char  *CONST_STRPTR; /* STRPTR to const data */

/* For compatibility only: (don't use in new code) */
typedef short           SHORT;      /* signed 16-bit quantity (use WORD) */
typedef unsigned short  USHORT;     /* unsigned 16-bit quantity (use UWORD) */
typedef short           COUNT;
typedef unsigned short  UCOUNT;
typedef ULONG		CPTR;

/* Types with specific semantics */
typedef float           FLOAT;
typedef double          DOUBLE;
typedef short           BOOL;
typedef unsigned char   TEXT;

#ifndef TRUE
#define TRUE            1
#ifndef FALSE
#define FALSE           0
#ifndef NULL
#define NULL            0L

#define BYTEMASK        0xFF

 /* #define LIBRARY_VERSION is now obsolete.  Please use LIBRARY_MINIMUM */
/* or code the specific minimum library version you require.		*/
#define LIBRARY_MINIMUM	40 /* Lowest version supported by Amiga, Inc. */

/* Some structure definitions include prototypes for function pointers.
 * This may not work with `C' compilers that do not comply to the ANSI
 * standard, which we will have to work around. 
#if __STDC__
#define __CLIB_PROTOTYPE(a) a
#define __CLIB_PROTOTYPE(a)
#endif /* __STDC__ */

#endif	/* EXEC_TYPES_H */


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