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	GetIconRectangleA -- Query the size of the area an icon renders into (V44)


	success = GetIconRectangleA(rp,icon,label,rectangle,tags)
D0 A0 A1 A2 A3 A4
BOOL GetIconRectangleA(struct RastPort *rp,struct DiskObject *icon,
STRPTR label,struct Rectangle *rectangle,
struct TagItem *tags);
success = GetIconRectangle(rp,icon,label,rectangle,...);
BOOL GetIconRectangle(struct RastPort *rp,struct DiskObject *icon,
STRPTR label,struct Rectangle *rectangle,...);


	This function will calculate the size of the area icon rendering
would affect.


	rp -- Pointer to the RastPort to use for calculating the
the size of the label with respect to the font and
style options currently in use; this parameter may be
NULL if the label is NULL, too.
icon -- Pointer to a struct DiskObject.
label -- Pointer to a NUL-terminated string, or NULL if
no label text is to enter the calculation.
rectangle -- Pointer to a struct Rectangle to fill in. The
contents will take the size of the icon image, the icon
border size and -- if you provide RastPort and label
text -- the icon label into account. Due to how labels
are printed, the rectangle->MinX and rectangle->MinY
members may be negative.
tags -- Additional drawing options to be taken into account.


	ICONDRAWA_DrawInfo (struct DrawInfo *) -- Drawing information data
associated with the RastPort parameter passed in.
This tag defaults to NULL.
ICONDRAWA_Borderless (BOOL) -- When calculating the size of
the rectangle, this tag allows you to leave the icon
border size out of the equation.
This tag defaults to FALSE.


	success -- TRUE if the parameters were well-formed and
the output data fits into the Rectangle data
structure (which may not be the case if the image
is too large for a signed 16 bit integer to hold).


	/* Find out how large an icon is. */
struct DiskObject *icon;
struct Rectangle rect;
LONG width,height;
width = rect.MaxX - rect.MinX + 1;
height = rect.MaxY - rect.MinY + 1;
Printf("icon is %ld×%ld pixels in size.\n",
/* Find out which area the icon rendering would
* cover if a label would be printed below it.
struct RastPort *rp;
if(GetIconRectangle(rp,NULL,icon,"a rather long label text",&rect,TAG_DONE))
Printf("icon plus label would cover the area %ld,%ld×%ld,%ld\n",


	This function can be used to optimize on-screen rendering by
precalculating the area rendering would cover. To make sure that
the precalculated area size matches the one covered by the actual
drawing operation, the RastPorts you use for measuring and for
drawing should share the same font and the same text styles.
The image size calculated by this function can be
slightly larger than the data you will find in the icon's
do_Gadget.GadgetRender Image structure since the icon border
will be taken into account. This happens regardless of whether
icon.library was switched into frameless icon rendering mode
or whether the icon is frameless. To obtain the size of the
icon without taking the border into account, use the
ICONDRAWA_Borderless tag.
The size of the icon, as returned by this function, may be different
depending upon whether LayoutIconA() has been called or not.


<workbench/icon.h>, <workbench/workbench.h>, icon.library/DrawIconState, icon.library/IconControlA(), icon.library/LayoutIconA()


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