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        datebrowser.gadget--Monthly calendar gadget                




        The datebrowser gadget class is used to display a month-based array
of days in the visual style of traditional calendarss.


        OM_NEW--Create the gadget.  Passed to superclass, then OM_SET.
OM_SET--Set object attributes. Passed to superclass first.
OM_UPDATE--Set object notification attributes. Passed to superclass
GM_LAYOUT--Calculate relative gadget coordinates. Passed to
superclass first. Requires V39 or beyond of Intuition.
GM_RENDER--Renders the gadget imagry. Overrides the superclass.
GM_HITTEST--Determines if mouse is within the gadget rectangle.
Overrides the superclass.
GM_GOACTIVE--Handles activation, mutual-exclusion and date-select.
Overrides the superclass.
GM_HANDLEINPUT--Handles input events once active. Overrides the
GM_GOINACTIVE--Deselects the button. Overrides the superclass.
GM_DOMAIN--Obtain the minimum, nominal and maximum size of a datebrowser
GM_KEYACTIVE--private method for handling keyboard control activation.
GM_KEYINACTIVE--private method for handling keyboard control
GM_CLIPRECT--method needed to use this gadget in virtual groups. New
for v45.
All other methods are passed to the superclass, including OM_DISPOSE.


        GA_Disabled (BOOL) -- Determines whether the datebrowser is disabled or
not. Changing disable state will invoke GM_RENDER. A disabled
datebrowser's border and label are all rendered in SHADOWPEN and then
dusted in a ghosting pattern that is rendered in SHADOWPEN.
Defaults to FALSE.
GA_TextAttr (struct TextAttr *) -- Text attribute for the font to
use for the labels.
GA_ReadOnly (BOOL) -- Indicate whether datebrowser has selectable days
or is for display only. Defaults to FALSE (selectable days).
DATEBROWSER_Day (UWORD) -- Set the current day of the month. Defaults
to 1. Applicability is (OM_NEW,OM_SET,OM_UPDATE,OM_GET).
DATEBROWSER_Month (UWORD) -- Set the current month of the year.
Defaults to 1. Applicability is (OM_NEW,OM_SET,OM_UPDATE,OM_GET).
DATEBROWSER_Year (LONG) -- Calendar year to display. Defaults to 1978.
Applicability is (OM_NEW,OM_SET,OM_UPDATE,OM_GET).
DATEBROWSER_SelectedDays (ULONG) -- A 32 bit value, each bit represents
a day of the month, if set, the corresponding calendar day is
selected. This is useful for multi-select mode to find out what
days are selected via one packed value.
Applicability is (OM_NEW,OM_SET,OM_UPDATE,OM_GET).
DATEBROWSER_FirstWDay (LONG) -- Gets the first day of the week. 0 is
Sunday. Applicability is (OM_GET).
DATEBROWSER_NumDays (UWORD) -- Returns the number of days in the
currently set month. A better solution may be using datebrowser's
public julian date functions.
Applicability is (OM_GET).
DATEBROWSER_WeekDay (UWORD) -- Returns the day of the week for the
currently selected 'DATEBROWSER_Day'. A better solution may be
using datebrowser's public julian date functions.
Applicability is (OM_GET).
DATEBROWSER_ShowTitle (BOOL) -- Enables display of the week-day title
bar. NOTE: If turned on after layout group creation, you must be
sure to FlushLayoutDomainCache() and RethinkDisplay(), and
potentionally increase the window size to accomodate the possibly
larger layout. Simply toggling iconify on/off, or close & open of
the window class will archieve similiar results.
Applicability is (OM_NEW,OM_SET).
DATEBROWSR_MultiSelect (BOOL) -- Enables multi-selection of calendar
days. Applicability is (OM_NEW,OM_SET).
DATEBROWSER_DayTitles (STRPTR *) -- Pointer to an array of STRPTR
containing day titles. Defaults to non-localized internal "Mon",
"Tue", etc., if locale.library cannot be opened.
Applicability is (OM_NEW,OM_SET,OM_UPDATE,OM_GET).


        Relative support requires V39 and beyond of Intuition.


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