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-$1e Open
-$24 Close
-$2a Read
-$30 Write
-$36 Input
-$3c Output
-$42 Seek
-$48 DeleteFile
-$4e Rename
-$54 Lock
-$5a UnLock
-$60 DupLock
-$66 Examine
-$6c ExNext
-$72 Info
-$78 CreateDir
-$7e CurrentDir
-$84 IoErr
-$8a CreateProc
-$90 Exit
-$96 LoadSeg
-$9c UnLoadSeg
-$a2 dosPrivate1
-$a8 dosPrivate2
-$ae DeviceProc
-$b4 SetComment
-$ba SetProtection
-$c0 DateStamp
-$c6 Delay
-$cc WaitForChar
-$d2 ParentDir
-$d8 IsInteractive
-$de Execute
*--- functions in V36 or higher (Release 2.0) ---
* DOS Object creation/deletion
-$e4 AllocDosObject
-$ea FreeDosObject
* Packet Level routines
-$f0 DoPkt
-$f6 SendPkt
-$fc WaitPkt
-$102 ReplyPkt
-$108 AbortPkt
* Record Locking
-$10e LockRecord
-$114 LockRecords
-$11a UnLockRecord
-$120 UnLockRecords
* Buffered File I/O
-$126 SelectInput
-$12c SelectOutput
-$132 FGetC
-$138 FPutC
-$13e UnGetC
-$144 FRead
-$14a FWrite
-$150 FGets
-$156 FPuts
-$15c VFWritef
-$162 VFPrintf
-$168 Flush
-$16e SetVBuf
* DOS Object Management
-$174 DupLockFromFH
-$17a OpenFromLock
-$180 ParentOfFH
-$186 ExamineFH
-$18c SetFileDate
-$192 NameFromLock
-$198 NameFromFH
-$19e SplitName
-$1a4 SameLock
-$1aa SetMode
-$1b0 ExAll
-$1b6 ReadLink
-$1bc MakeLink
-$1c2 ChangeMode
-$1c8 SetFileSize
* Error Handling
-$1ce SetIoErr
-$1d4 Fault
-$1da PrintFault
-$1e0 ErrorReport
*--- (1 function slot reserved here) ---
* Process Management
-$1ec Cli
-$1f2 CreateNewProc
-$1f8 RunCommand
-$1fe GetConsoleTask
-$204 SetConsoleTask
-$20a GetFileSysTask
-$210 SetFileSysTask
-$216 GetArgStr
-$21c SetArgStr
-$222 FindCliProc
-$228 MaxCli
-$22e SetCurrentDirName
-$234 GetCurrentDirName
-$23a SetProgramName
-$240 GetProgramName
-$246 SetPrompt
-$24c GetPrompt
-$252 SetProgramDir
-$258 GetProgramDir
* Device List Management
-$25e SystemTagList
-$264 AssignLock
-$26a AssignLate
-$270 AssignPath
-$276 AssignAdd
-$27c RemAssignList
-$282 GetDeviceProc
-$288 FreeDeviceProc
-$28e LockDosList
-$294 UnLockDosList
-$29a AttemptLockDosList
-$2a0 RemDosEntry
-$2a6 AddDosEntry
-$2ac FindDosEntry
-$2b2 NextDosEntry
-$2b8 MakeDosEntry
-$2be FreeDosEntry
-$2c4 IsFileSystem
* Handler Interface
-$2ca Format
-$2d0 Relabel
-$2d6 Inhibit
-$2dc AddBuffers
* Date, Time Routines
-$2e2 CompareDates
-$2e8 DateToStr
-$2ee StrToDate
* Image Management
-$2f4 InternalLoadSeg
-$2fa InternalUnLoadSeg
-$300 NewLoadSeg
-$306 AddSegment
-$30c FindSegment
-$312 RemSegment
* Command Support
-$318 CheckSignal
-$31e ReadArgs
-$324 FindArg
-$32a ReadItem
-$330 StrToLong
-$336 MatchFirst
-$33c MatchNext
-$342 MatchEnd
-$348 ParsePattern
-$34e MatchPattern
-$354 dosPrivate3
-$35a FreeArgs
*--- (1 function slot reserved here) ---
-$366 FilePart
-$36c PathPart
-$372 AddPart
* Notification
-$378 StartNotify
-$37e EndNotify
* Environment Variable functions
-$384 SetVar
-$38a GetVar
-$390 DeleteVar
-$396 FindVar
-$39c dosPrivate4
-$3a2 CliInitNewcli
-$3a8 CliInitRun
-$3ae WriteChars
-$3b4 PutStr
-$3ba VPrintf
*--- (1 function slot reserved here) ---
* these were unimplemented until dos 36.147
-$3c6 ParsePatternNoCase
-$3cc MatchPatternNoCase
-$3d2 dosPrivate5
* this was added for V37 dos, returned 0 before then.
-$3d8 SameDevice
* NOTE: the following entries did NOT exist before ks 36.303 (2.02)
* If you are going to use them, open dos.library with version 37
* These calls were added for V39 dos:
-$3de ExAllEnd
-$3e4 SetOwner
*--- (2 function slots reserved here) ---
*--- (2 function slots reserved here) ---
*--- (2 function slots reserved here) ---
*--- (2 function slots reserved here) ---


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