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	SetServerAttrsA -- Set attributes for a server object
SetServerAttrs -- Varargs stub for SetServerAttrs


	value = SetServerAttrsA(server, tags)
D0 A0 A1
ULONG SetServerAttrsA(APTR server, struct TagItem *tags);
ULONG SetServerAttrs(APTR server, ULONG tag1, ...);


	This function allows you to set the attributes on
a server object.


	server - Pointer to a server object
tags - An array of TagItems


	SERVERA_Type (ULONG) - This is the most important
tag, and is required at a minimum. The valid types
SVRTYPE_FILE - A "file" server. This is the type of
server that must be specified to access an
addressbook. See the SERVERA_Directory tag below.
SVRTYPE_SMTP - This creates a server for use with
sending e-mail messages. If not specified via
SERVERA_HostPort, the port defaults to 25.
SVRTYPE_POP3 - This creates a server used for
retrieving e-mail messages from a POP3 server.
If not specified via SERVERA_HostPort, the port
defaults to 110.
SVRTYPE_NNTP - This creates a server use for
sending and receiving news articles. If not
specified via SERVERA_HostPort, the port
defaults to 119.
SERVERA_Directory (STRPTR) - Use this tag to specify the
name of a directory that contains address entries
for an address book.
SERVERA_HostName (STRPTR) - This is the name or IP address
of the host machine that this server object will
connect to.
SERVERA_HostPort (ULONG) - This allows you to specify the
port number to use for the server object. If not
specified, it will default to the appropriate value
for the type of server object.
SERVERA_UserName (STRPTR) - This is the username to use
when authenticating with the server.
SERVERA_PassWord (STRPTR) - This is the password the
server object will use when authenticating.
SERVERA_SpoolFile (STRPTR) - Filename of a file to use
when downloading articles from a server. It is
recommended to use SERVERA_ProgressHook instead,
for better control of the destination of the
incoming articles.
SERVERA_ProgressHook (struct Hook *) - A hook to be called
when the server is sending/receiving articles. This
allows the application to display a progress bar, as well
as specify the ultimate destination of incoming articles.
When the hook function is called, the server object is
passed in A2. A1 will contain a ServerProgressData structure
for outgoing transactions, an ArticleDisposition structure for
incoming transactions. See <libraries/aml.h> for details.
SERVERA_Flags (ULONG) - See <libraries/aml.h> for valid flags.
SERVERA_NewsGroup (STRPTR) - If the server is a news server, use
this tag to specify the name of the newsgroup to attach to.
SERVERA_LogFile (STRPTR) - This is a filename of a logfile for
the server to dump information to.
SERVERA_MaxSize (ULONG) - Maximum size in bytes for articles
that the server should retrieve. If the article is larger
than this value, action is taken based upon the values for
the two tags below.
SERVERA_MaxLines (ULONG) - This tells the server object how many
lines of an article to retrieve if the article exceeds the
size limit specified by SERVERA_MaxSize.
SERVERA_MaxWarning (STRPTR) - If the article being retrieve is
larger than the requested maximum, after the number of
lines are retrieved specified by SERVERA_MaxLines, this
message will be appended to the article.
SERVERA_UserData (APTR) - User defined.


	value - The number of attributes successfully set.


CreateServerA(), GetServerAttrsA()


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